Spring semester is off to a wonderful start!

The semester is rolling along and yes I'm super busy but I'm loving it so far. Everything has been a blessing and surprisingly weird, I can feel myself growing. Of course I am no where close to who I want to become but in my conversations and interactions, I find myself at peace with the person I am.

Currently I'm reading Emotional Equations by Chip Conley. It's like a little treat nestled within my busy schedule. It's helping me put a name to all these jumble of emotions that fill my mind. And aside from that, I'm really enjoying my classes this semester (hope I didn't speak too soon). I find myself on the edge of my seat learning about certain aspects of marketing and finance. Especially when my professors stray away from the syllabus and just ramble about applicable things in the real world. I think I haven't been this engaged in class since freshmen year when I learned about philosophy and art history.