10 things I learned this winter break

So in sync with a previous post (11 things I learned yesterday from my internship), I decided to write one about some ideas I was able to grasp this winter break. These thoughts stem from conversations I had with old friends, from novels I've been reading, changes in my family, and just good ol' life and the drama that usually ensues. 
  1. I can never make all the money in the world. It may be difficult to give up the potential of making money but sometimes it is important that we do so we can spend quality time with my family and friends. 
  2. Do research! I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take with my life but as I started applying for internships and delving deeper into what certain career paths entail, I started to get a clearer picture of what I wanted to pursue. 
  3. "No one has ever become poor from giving." 
  4. Sadly, not everyone is as sincere as they make themselves out to be. (Confirmed by reading the book The Game by Neil Strauss) I guess I always knew this but apparently I have a knack for seeing the best in everyone. I need to better balance putting up walls with putting myself out there.
  5. As sincere as some people may be however, you may just never click with them. It's nothing to feel guilty about. 
  6. I'm a control freak. My sister occasionally make jokes about this but I never understood where she was coming from. But after reading the novel Eat, Pray Love I realized that indeed yeah, maybe I am a control freak in some aspects of my life. 
  7. My good friend Will taught me that you need to look Anger straight in the eye and face it. Don't whimper off and wait for it to pass. 
  8. People choose to experience life very differently -- some wildly some quite conservatively. Not one way is exactly better than the other. There are pros and cons to both so don't judge. 
  9. Love myself as is. (This is a long story but let's just say it took me long enough to realize this.)
  10. I am happiest without any drama in my life. Simple as that.