Follow your Passion

When people talk about passion and dreams, it almost seems to be an empty word. What does passion really mean? How does it really feel like? I think a lot of people say things like “follow your passion,” without acknowledge that most people do not have an idea of what that may be. How do we lead people to find something that makes them excited to get up in the morning and carry through the day?

I think it lies in the fact that life is short. We think that we can “waste” a few years doing what we don’t love so that we can spend the rest of life doing what we do. We are easily enticed by routine - it is safe, and it is comfortable. We live in this bubble of a routine lifestyle and is content with it. Routine is a very attractive place for most people who are afraid of change and like to be in control. And in this place, we forget that …we really are seeking more. I think deep down we all want and desire something (knowingly or not) that inspires us, that makes us want to better ourselves, that makes us giddy and child-like. Something that strikes a chord and moves us to want to make the world a little more beautiful. 

I think it’s important to remind people that life is what you make of it. It’s not about getting by, it’s about being in. Being in the present, in the experience. I think those are times we reflect upon and feel most alive. So go against the norm. Go searching. It’s scary and it may break the rules a bit. But explore within yourself and out in the world. There is much to see even in your own home. You will find your passion in the corner of a music shop, or in the doctor office downtown. Wherever it’s hiding, it’s waiting to be brought to life. 

So Live. Do that by surrounding yourself with people who push you and inspire you. Live by seeing the same streets in new light, with different angles, and a fresh pair of eyes. Be brought to your senses by experiencing, seeking, and learning. Always and constantly learning. You will be a fool to think that you know all there is to know about this life. “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”