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First off, THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by. I appreciate it and I hope you enjoy what you see. Below you’ll find 2 client projects and 2 personal essays to give you a range of my background experience. If there’s anything you want to dive deeper into, just shoot me a note, I’m happy to share more. (P.S. This website is also my blog so feel free to peek around!)

- Carol

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Client: Seventh Generation
Project: Social Strategy & Toolkit

Seventh Generation is a sustainable household and personal care brand. They have an inspiring company mission - “to create a consumer revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations” - which filters into every action they take. Our goal was to take this mission and use it to connect in a meaningful way with families everywhere through social.

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Client: Bobble
Project: Social Strategy & Content Ideas

Bobble is a reusable water bottle with a mission to eliminate plastic waste in the world. Knowing that young ladies have a sea of choices in well-designed bottles, Bobble needed a social strategy that elevates them above the category with strong branding and content that inspires action and provides utility.


Client: Wolf & Wilhelmine
Project: HOWL (bi-annual publication) 

W&W is a women-led brand agency that publishes a bi-annual publication, HOWL, which features contributions from their internal teams and outside voices. Summer 2017 edition’s theme is “ACTION” or How To Be A Good Human. My essay argues that relentlessly pursuing your passion is the greatest contribution you can make to the world. It's adorned with my original watercoloring too! 


Project: Personal Essay

A personal blog post inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book “Better Than Before” dissecting why it’s difficult for some people to pursue their passion despite it being...their passion, and my take on what we can do to stay true to our calling.